grilled cheese perfected

When we decided to attempt our version of the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich, we had no idea we were headed for grilled cheese nirvana.  We didn’t even know what kind of bread we wanted to use as the foundation for our crunchy melt-y masterpiece.  We gathered up our vague notions of sandwich perfection and headed to the Co-op to peruse the baked goods.  We quickly chose a simple sourdough loaf, and then moved a few steps away to view a truly staggering array of cheese.  I could have spent at least half an hour staring wide-eyed at all the different varieties of cheese; I have an affinity for dairy that sometimes proves problematic.  This issue was happily resolved by soliciting the advice of a helpful cheesemonger, who nudged us towards the Spanish Mahon and French Gruyère.  She is now one of my favorite people.

The first bites of grilled cheese elicited some very heartfelt groans.  Once we were capable of speech again, the meal was punctuated with exclamations like, “Oh my god,” and “This is…wow,” interspersed with quite a bit of unintelligible mumbling.  We were too busy chewing to be bothered with any kind of meaningful discourse.  When it was over, all we could think about was making the same sandwiches again the next day.  We had tomato bisque and some insanely delicious roasted asparagus as accompaniments the first night.  On the second night, I decided to combat some of the cheese indulgence by having chive cottage cheese and grapes with my buttery toasty goodness.

This is definitely a more decadent version of the classic grilled cheese, but believe me when I tell you that the extra money spent on the cheese upgrade is absolutely worth it.  It breaks down to about $6.00 per sandwich, but it’s so much tastier than most grilled cheeses you would find in a restaurant for about the same price.

grilled cheese and soup

grilled cheese and grapes


Mmm Grilled Cheese

Yields 4 sublime sandwiches


8 slices sourdough bread, 1/2 inch thick
1/4 pound Mahon cheese, thinly sliced
1/4 pound Gruyère cheese, thinly sliced
1/4 pound prosciutto
unsalted butter


  1. Heat a large saute pan or skillet over medium heat.
  2. Spread a thin layer of butter on one side of each slice of sourdough bread.  Place two slices into the pan or skillet, butter side down.
  3. Place 1/4 of the Mahon and Gruyère on each slice of bread in the pan.  Top each with 1/4 of the prosciutto.  Place two bread slices on top, butter side up.
  4. Toast sandwiches until golden brown on both sides, about three to four minutes per side.
  5. Repeat steps with remaining two sandwiches.

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